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Preguntas frequentes

  • Where do you sell your jewellery?
    My jewellery can be purchased here on my website and at local artesan markets. If you would like to be informed about upcoming fairs I'll be participating in you can follow me on Instagram or sign up to the newsletter.
  • What do you mean by sustainable jewellery?
    Small Batch and recycled My jewellery is all hand made by me, it is small batch, anything that is not sold is recycled and reused to form new pieces. I try to minimise waste as much as possible. The vast majority of the metal I work with is recycled, either by myself or purchased (principally from Cookson Clal a suplier in France or Almacenes Esteban in the Basque country here in Spain). At times there are certain metals or components that I cannot source recycled. In that case it will be clearly stated in the item description. Precious and semiprecious stones Gemstones are notoriously difficult to trace and the majority of the industry remains unregulated. Even so I strive to learn as much as possible about their story before stones make it to my workshop. I avoid gemstones from countries which are known for their environmentally taxing mining process and/or inethical treatment of workers. I purchase from artesan stone cutters that can ensure ethical practices in their own workshop and state which region their stones have been mined in. While I have to take their word that these mines do not participate in the exploitation of workers or the environment, knowing the region enables me to research the state of mining in that area. I also prioritise old stock and vintage stones when possible. Despite my efforts, this is an area of my work that has room for improvement and is something I am still actively researching and striving to improve. Packaging The vast majority of the packaging I use is recycled and recyclable, down to the jewellery boxes, the mail bags and the address labels. I am very intentional in choosing packaging and weigh the pros and cons of every detail included in your order. For example, the jewellery cleaning cloths are not made from recycled materials, however I believe they will help you to care for and appreciate your jewellery in such a way that it ensures its longevity for many years to come.
  • How did you learn to metalsmith?
    I learnt metalsmithing by following videos online and reading books and articles, there are so many wonderful free resources out there. As with any craft, there was a lot of trial and error, it took me countless attempts to solder my first ring. One of the most daunting things about starting is the amount and variety of tools available, I aquired things little by little and tried to work with what I had. My first year of metalsmithing was in our spare room, sitting on the floor and using a broken chair as my work bench. Constantly developing my craft and learning new techniques is a huge source of motivation for me. Living rurally in Northern Spain means I don't not have easy access to workshops and jewellery courses. However, I would love to take some courses in the future and expand my skillbase.
  • Do you offer bespoke pieces?
    I do offer bespoke jewellery, however this option is not available year round and spots are limited. You can follow me on instagram or sign up to the newsletter to find out when spots are open for custom work or how you can get on the waitlist. I will only accept bespoke orders that are compatible with my own style and skillbase as a metalsmith. Do take the time to look at my gallery of work and assess whether I would be the best artist for the job.
  • Do you ship worldwide ?
    Yes I do! Take a look at the shipping section for information on taxes when buying outside the EU. If you have any doubts feel free to get in touch.
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